Lift truck operation (Forklift operator)

Are you concerned about the use of forklift in your workplace or about your employees’ training regarding the safe driving of these mobile equipment? We have a solution for you! Camion École du Québec offers forklift operator training directly at your workplace. This training will allow your employees and yourself to gain more knowledge and to raise awareness regarding the risks related to the job, as well as decreasing the number of injuries that could have been avoided.

Furthermore, this training takes place with your equipment, on-premises. Taking place on a personalized period adapted to your needs, this course combines theory and necessary practice, allowing you to use wisely this type of equipment.

Following the CNESST standards

Following the CNESST standards, (point 256.3 from the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations at work and point 51.9 from the Occupational Health and Safety Act) this training includes

  • Operator evaluation
  • Safety program for forklift used on-premises
  • Risk management related to vehicular traffic on-premises
  • Development of a traffic plan for vehicle and pedestrians
  • Audit on behaviors and safety driving techniques for forklift, with report and intervention with drivers at fault
  • Safety driving training for forklift
  • Operator certification